5 easy ways to be a more eco-friendly parent

5 ways to become an eco-friendly parent

Becoming more sustainable is getting more important and easier than ever. ‘Eco-parenting’ is not only environmentally friendly, but also tends to be more economical on your bank balance.

  1. Swap instead of shop

As we all know, children grow and develop so quickly – particularly babies. One minute they are newborn, then they’re wearing 6-9 month clothing. Similarly, with developmental toys, they will outgrow any new toy or gadget in the blink of an eye. This is why it’s a great idea to reuse hand me downs from friends/ family and buy second hand. This reduces the amount of plastic and clothing ending up in landfill and most importantly, saves you unnecessary spending.

An excellent way to do this locally is to check out the Mum2Mum market website:


Alternatively, lots of great charities also are now selling online, Oxfam is a great example of this:


  1. Diaper decisions

Now, before you dismiss the idea of using alternative nappies, please read the following fact:

Your little one will use approximately 6,000 nappies before they are fully potty trained. There are approximately 600,000 babies born each year in the UK which means almost 3 billion nappies being sent directly to landfill every year. 3 BILLION.

If every parent swapped even half their time using nappies to a bio-degradable or reusable option, this would greatly impact the environment. Thankfully, more and more parents are making the switch to reusable nappies, even if it’s just using them in the day time or on days when you know you’re going to mostly be at home.

  1. Minimise plastic use

Sometimes disposable is easier when out and about in a lot of situations. However, disposable items don’t always have to include nasty plastics. There are now many options out there for eco-conscious wipes and nappies. Baby products can have hidden plastics that we may not even consider, such as packaging etc so we hope that many brands will follow Huggies Tiniest Footprints™ mission and reduce plastic in their products and introduce recyclable packaging.

Other household items to think about when considering reducing plastic waste in parenting: toiletries, cleaning products, food containers such as pouches and bottles

Top Tip: How we at Purflo are becoming more eco-friendly:

  • None our products come wrapped in plastic to help reduce plastic waste
  • We use a sustainably sourced filling for our new range of products including the Sleep Tight Baby Bed, Swaddles and Baby Sleep Bags
  • Our products are fully washable ideal for reusing for future babies!
  1. Gift giving

When you are expecting there will be lots of people wanting to buy you gifts. A great way to take a more eco-friendly approach is to make a list of items you need. This may seem a bit cheeky but it is super helpful in making sure you have the items that are essential which will a) save you money and b) save family and friends buying unnecessary items for your little one that you may already have, not need or not end up using.

  1. Think about yourself

When we think about parenting the focus is often on the little ones, however, there are many things we can do ourselves as adults. Simple examples of this are getting reusable water bottles for the whole family. If you are one of those families that finds yourselves buying bottles of water and fruit juice every time you go out, that is a lot of money and plastic being wasted.

Another great example is wearing second hand maternity clothing. We are only pregnant for a short period (doesn’t feel like it at the time we know!) so buying a whole new wardrobe that might not even fit for the whole of the pregnancy and then again afterwards, is a massive financial commitment. There are pages and pages of listings on Ebay and other second hand clothing apps with lovely maternity wear for a fraction of the original cost.

We’d love to hear the changes you’ve made since becoming a parent and how we can encourage others to do the same.




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