5 super useful ways to use muslin cloths

How to use Muslin cloths

Baby muslins cloths are the holy grail of accessories when you have a newborn baby! They are super soft, super versatile and are lifesavers in sticky (and sicky) situations.

  1.   Swaddle Blanket

Large muslins like the Purflo ones make an excellent lightweight swaddle for little ones. Babies love being swaddled as it makes them feel snug and secure, like when they were in our womb! Check out NCT’s guidelines for safe swaddling:

How do I swaddle my baby safely?

Follow these five safe and hip friendly swaddling tips:

  • Swaddle your baby using thin, breathable materials. Suitable cloth includes cotton muslin wraps
  • Don’t swaddle your baby above their shoulders – their neck and head should never be swaddled.
  • Wrap your baby firmly but gently (not too tightly). Tight swaddling that stops your baby’s hips and knees moving freely is not recommended. Make sure your baby is able to move their hips and knees freely to kick
  • Always put your baby to sleep on their back. Never put a swaddled baby to sleep on their front or side.
  • Check your baby’s temperature regularly to make sure they don’t get too hot or overheat. Check they’re wearing suitable clothes for the weather too.


If you’re unsure about whether to swaddle using a blanket or swaddle bag, check out this super useful article at sleepadvisor.org

  1.   Burping Cloth

It’s super common for babies to be quite ‘sicky’ so it’s always a good idea to keep a cloth handy during and after feeding!

Throw them over your shoulder while burping your little one and protect the outfits that you managed to wrestle on in the spare five minutes you had this morning. Our top tip is to have clean muslin cloths stored in your most visited areas in the house so you don’t have to scramble around looking for one when a surprise sick incident occurs. i.e. next to the sofa, next to the changing mat, beside your bed etc.

  1.   A Nursing Cover

If you are feeling like you’d like to be a bit more covered up whilst feeding baby, a muslin cloth is thick enough to create some privacy but breathable enough to keep baby at a comfortable temperature.

  1.   Summer Accessory

Our lightweight and breathable muslins make the perfect lightweight blanket for warmer summer nights. Alternatively, during the sunnier months its important to keep baby cool and shaded whilst out and about. A lightweight and breathable muslin is a good option to create shade whilst in the pram without heating up the inside area too.

  1.   Tummy Time

Muslin cloths make a great tummy time blanket for little ones, particularly if you aren’t at home. Some of us are often reluctant to put our baby down on the floor when we’re not in our own home, a muslin makes the perfect floor covering. It also protects other people’s floors from the inevitable dribble and sick!

Check out our range of beautifully designed, extra large muslins here.



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