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A Product Designer’s View: What’s Important In A Baby Sleep Space

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Shopping for baby gear can be overwhelming, with so much choice available and advice coming from all directions. We don’t want to add to the noise, but to offer another perspective, we asked an expert baby product designer what they think are the most important factors to consider when choosing a baby sleep space.

Here’s what Purflo’s baby product designer had to say…


Newborn babies do not have strong enough neck muscles to support their heads for more than a brief moment. From around a month old they may start to pull up their heads and hold them for a second or two, but they don’t tend to gain the strength to fully support and turn their heads until beyond three months. This means it’s really important to make sure that materials used in a baby’s sleep space are breathable, just in case they wriggle their way into a position where their face is pressed against the mattress or sides of the sleep space.

A Firm, Flat Mattress

As adults, we may love the sensation of sinking into a luxurious pillow-topped mattress or deep squishy sofa cushion, but our bodies are much larger and stronger than a baby’s. The Safer Sleep Guidelines say that a babies mattress should be firm and flat, this will help to prevent them from sinking into a position where they can’t breathe freely, and will also properly support their growing skeleton.


Each generation of parents does it differently. We have different demands on our time and our lifestyles, whether that’s working from home with a baby by our side, fitting another family member into a small apartment, travelling between family homes, keeping on top of the housework hands-free or having a busy diary full of meetups with friends. For many families, the days where a parent would stay home 24/7 and look after the house and baby are a thing of the past, and so products that offer flexibility are much more suited to modern life. If you can pick it up and take it from room to room or in the car, as well as use it every day and night at home, it’s a winner. We’ve seen a real shift in consumer demand over the 25 years that we’ve been making baby products, with parents today less interested in traditional aesthetics and more compelled by practical, adaptable, innovative features.

If you are creating a sleep space for your baby, have a look at what the Purflo product designers have been up to with the nursery range, including the Sleep Tight Baby Bed – the first product of its kind to be certified safe for overnight sleep and the best baby nests alternative, and the PurAir Crib – the next generation sleep space and baby cots & moses baskets alternative.


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