Antenatal experts advice on labour, birth and how to create a positive experience

Antenatal advice on labour and birth

BundleLondon co-founder and mum of five, Amanda Thompson answers questions all about birth, labour and how to make them quicker and easier.


What are the main signs that I’m going into labour? 04:38

What to do when my waters break? 6:49

How long does it take to go into labour once my water has broken? 7:02

Is having a lot of Braxton Hicks normal late in pregnancy? 8:55

Is it true that it’s better not to lie down in labour? 9:53

When should I go to hospital if I think I’m in labour? 11:50

What can I do to speed up labour? 13:24

What pain relief can I take at home when in labour? 15:13

What relaxation techniques can I use at home? 15:54

What should I take with me to feel more comfortable in hospital? 17:00

How can I help when being a birthing partner? 18:42

What can my birth partner do if I’m having a C Section? 20:53

How long can natural labour last for? 22:00

What are the stages of natural labour? 24:45

Thank you to Amanda for joining us for our Q&A. To find out more about BundleLondon visit their website:



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