Ask the expert: Katy Bradbury’s top nutrition tips for pregnancy and beyond

Katy Bradbury Nutritionist Q&A

Purflo teams up with nutritionist Katy Bradbury to ask her the important questions regarding what to eat and what not to eat when you’re pregnant, breast feeding and much more. Watch the full video above or see below to see where Katy addresses specific topics.

Q. Are there any foods I should be eating regularly during pregnancy?

Q. How many extra calories should I be eating?
A. 5:30

Q. Is there anything I can do to prevent gestational diabetes?
A. 8:20

Q. How do I get enough calcium? I’m struggling to eat yoghurt.
A. 11:25

Q. Do I need to take supplements during pregnancy?
A. 12:40

Q. Is it true that I need to drink more water when I am breastfeeding?
A. 14:32

Q. Do I still need to avoid the list of foods I can’t eat in pregnancy whilst I’m breastfeeding?
A. 15:35

Q. Are there any foods that can improve sleep quality for both mum and baby?
A. 17:33

Q. Should I still be trying to eat if I’m really sick in the mornings and can’t keep food down?
A. 19:10

Q. Is there anything I can eat to bring on labour?
A. 21:07

Q. What can I eat to improve energy levels?
A. 25:40

Find out more information on pre and postnatal pregnancy nutrition by checking out Katy’s blog with us:

Boost your Postnatal Wellbeing with 9 Simple Nutritional Tips


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