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Baby Sleep Bag in Shell Pink

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3-9 months, 9-18 months

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This innovative Baby Sleep Bag is a fresh take on the traditional baby sleep bag. Featuring removable sleeves, sustainable and hypoallergenic materials and travel friendly design, this sleep bag is a true all rounder. We are dedicated to creating useful products that parents will love and worked closely with parents to create the perfect sleep bag that covered every aspect of their needs.


This all-new sleep bag features removable sleeves that can be attached or detached via zips to ensure baby can use our Sleep Bag all year round. Another practical feature of this Baby Sleep Bag is the travel-friendly design. Travelling with a sleeping baby in a pushchair or car seat with a 3-point or 5-point harness system is now easier than ever.

Our Baby Sleep Bags provide a safer alternative to sheets and blankets and is an “All Seasons” tog. Purflo has designed its new sleep bags in line with the latest safety advice and standards. Sleep bags stop babies from being able to kick off their covers and the Purflo range gives you peace of mind they are sleeping safe and sound all year round.


Removable sleeves

This new Baby Sleep Bag is versatile and offers a sleep bag option that is true ‘All Seasons’. In cooler months, keep the sleep bag sleeves attached to make baby cosy and then in summer months, simply unzip the arms to allow air to flow more freely.

Breathable panels

We always keep breathability at the forefront of all its product design. The Baby Sleep Bags feature the Purflo signature breathable panels to increase ventilation around baby’s chest to avoid overheating.

It is recommended that babies should always sleep on their backs and sometimes they can get a little too warm around the base of their neck. The Purflo Baby Sleep Bag helps provide ventilation to this common hot spot, keeping baby comfortable and safe.


Our Baby Sleep Bags are made using the safest materials to provide baby a healthy sleeping environment. The sleep bags feature a hypoallergenic filling which is perfect for sensitive baby skin.

Simple safety zip

After pioneering the ‘easy zipper’ on sleepsacs in 2007, we have continued to use the same high-quality safety zips today. These zips remain one of the easiest and most intuitive designs in the baby sleep bag market-making midnight nappy changes quick and simple.

The zip on the Purflo Baby Sleep Bags has been carefully positioned in order to provide easy access to the travel opening on the back of the product.

Travel friendly

This new Baby Sleep Bag features a smart travel opening on the back that is compatible with 3-point and 5-point harnesses making it safe to use in pushchairs and car seats.

Sustainable lining

Our new Baby Sleep Bags are filled with a breathable and sustainably sourced fibre named DuPont™ Sorona®. The Sorona® fibre is also hypoallergenic and has been proven to retain its natural shape and softness meaning the sleep bag will look brand new, wash after wash.

Attention to detail

Every Purflo sleep bag is made to the highest manufacturing safety standards. Baby’s delicate skin is protected by zip guards and a secure seam around legs and feet.

Purflo only uses the highest quality popper fastenings and zippers. All fabric choices are tested by the wriggliest of wrigglers and kickiest of kickers. Purflo believes in making products that last and can be passed down to siblings or to friends.

Size guide

3 – 9 months = 6.25kg – 9kg and 60-70cm

9 – 18 months = 9 kg – 11kg and 70-80cm

What to wear guide

What to Wear Guide


This product conforms to BS EN 16781:2018

Care Instructions
The Purflo breathable sleep bag is machine washable on a gentle 40 degree cycle and can be tumbled dried on a low heat. We recommend washing your sleep bag before its first use and always wash it inside out to protect the product. This product is not suitable for dry cleaning.

WARNING – Do not use if a child’s head can pass through the neck opening when fastened for use;

WARNING – Ensure the neck and arm openings are securely fastened.

WARNING – Do not use in combination with a cot duvet or blanket. Take in to account the rooms temperature and the child’s sleepwear. Over heating can endanger the life of your child.

WARNING – Do not use if a child can climb out of the cot.

WARNING – Keep away from fire.


What is a Baby Sleep Bag?

Baby Sleep Bags were originally designed to replace traditional bedding such as loose blankets and sheets, and you might hear them called “wearable blankets”. Originating in Europe in the 1970’s, Baby Sleep Bags have evolved over the years but are ergonomically shaped with a neck opening and armholes and are therefore “worn” by the baby so they can’t kick the covers off! Using the correct size based on the weight and height for your baby and the correct tog means baby stays at a consistent safe temperature all night long.
Yes, both the Swaddle to Sleep Bag and the Baby Sleep Bag range comply with the most current standard BS EN 16781;2018 This standard covers the instruction and guidelines for use, and how the product is made. In addition, it ensures the materials, filling and components do not present suffocation or entanglement issues, and also states size ranges of the product’s length and neck openings. Tog results give manufacturers a range to label the products tog and there is a tolerance of +/- 0.5 tog. Therefore, ‘what to wear’ guides from different manufacturers may vary a little
Yes. Using the correct size based on the weight and height of your baby, and the correct tog means baby stays at a consistent safe temperature all night long. The neck hole, which prevents baby from slipping down inside the bag, is sized to the weight and height of your child – not their age. Therefore, its especially important to carefully check the appropriate size for your child before use. You should check the zipper regularly and follow washing instructions to avoid any damage to the product. Overheating is especially important, so check the tog you are using is appropriate to the room in which a baby sleeps. Typical tog guidelines follow seasons, but we always recommend that a room thermometer is used, especially in mid-winter when the heating is often used or during mid-summer when temperatures can soar. Additionally, how baby is dressed is especially important in keeping them safe and comfortable. Always check your Purflo ‘what to wear’ guide and be aware that different manufacturers have slightly different advice depending on their style of sleep bag, the fillings and materials used.
How baby is dressed is particularly important in keeping them safe and comfortable. Always check your Purflo ‘what to wear’ guide and be aware that different manufacturers have slightly different advice depending on their style of bag, the fillings and materials used. For Purflo Baby Sleep Bags, as a guide, please refer to the table below. Please remember, though that babies are all different, and just as with blankets and sheets, you will soon discover what your baby is most comfortable wearing. The best way to check a baby is to feel your baby’s chest and run your fingers behind their neck. This is the best indicator of whether they are too hot/too cold/exactly right. It is normal for a babies’ hands to feel cool and this is not an indicator of their body temperature. Purflo Baby Sleep Bags feature mesh panels at the back and under the baby’s arms to aid ventilation and keep baby comfortable.
The Purflo Swaddle to Sleep Bag is suitable from 0-4 months and will fit perfectly in a crib, Moses basket or Purflo Sleep Tight Baby Bed. If you are still using your crib, Moses basket or Purflo Sleep Tight Baby Bed as baby cannot sit up unaided at 3 months, the Purflo Sleep Bag 3-9m will also fit. You will find there is additional length which you can either tuck under the mattress or fold at the end of the basket/bed.
Purflo have tried to simplify buying Baby Sleep Bags. Multiple tog options are necessary when used correctly with the appropriate clothing. You only need two baby sleep bags – a 2.5 tog and a 0.5 tog. The Purflo ‘All seasons ‘2.5 tog’ Baby Sleep Bag has removable arms giving you lots of versatility and can be used from 16°C-22°C. It is ideal for Autumn, Winter and Spring and can be used right up until the Summer nights get warmer. When its chilly, the arms add warmth but with ventilated panels, baby will not overheat. The arms should be removed above 18°C. As the room temperature gets warmer, we would recommend our 0.5 tog. Ideal for milder climates, warmer rooms and is perfect for holidays. Our 0.5 tog can be used in room temperatures from 22°. Both the Swaddle to Sleep Bag and the Baby Sleep Bag have large mesh areas in the bodice and the body of the bag ensuring that baby does not overheat. Always check your Purflo ‘what to wear’ guide when selecting your tog so that baby is dressed appropriately to the Swaddle to Sleep Bag, Baby Sleep Bag tog and room temperature.
The Tog rating describes the warmth or “Thermal Resistance” of a product and is widely used to explain warmth levels of duvets and outdoor clothing. Baby Sleep Bags are available in the market a variety of togs. The Purflo range tries to keep things simple! We offer a 2.5 tog which is a good ‘all-rounder’ for rooms between 16°C-22°C and a 0.5 tog for room temperatures above 22°C. All Baby Sleep Bags must be tested to conform to the new BS EN 16871;2018.
Health Professionals recommend that the ideal room temperature for your baby is between 16°C and 20°C. This temperature range can feel chilly to an adult but is the safest temperature for baby. Using a room thermometer helps to maintain a safe sleeping temperature. Purflo offer a simple digital room thermometer – INSERT LINK. It can be tricky keeping the room temperature in the recommended range particularly in high summer and during in the winter when heating is often used. Keep rooms well ventilated and if it is safe to do so, in summer, have a window open. Never position a cot or crib in direct sunlight and if possible, during heat waves keep curtains drawn in the day to prevent heat build-up. The Purflo 2.5 tog Baby Sleep Bag is designed to be used in a temperature range of 16°C- 22°C. If the nursery is warmer or colder, adjust the level of clothing your baby is wearing. The removable sleeves mean that baby can be cosy at cooler temperatures, but they are not necessary when the room is above 18°C. During summer months or in warmer climates, dress baby with lighter layers and if your baby’s nursery is above 18°C, we recommend using our 0.5 tog with appropriate clothing.
Provided you follow Purflo’s ‘what to wear’ guidelines and safe room temperature guidelines, there should be no danger of your baby over-heating. The sleeves should be removed when the room temperature is 18°C or over. Always keep your babies sleeping space free of loose bedding, pillows (until 12 months) and soft toys. Baby’s head should always be uncovered. If your baby is unwell and has a raised temperature, reduce their bedding and if you are in any doubt, please consult a Health Professional.
The neck opening on your Baby Sleep Bag is determined by the babies’ weight and length, NOT their age. NEVER use a Baby Sleeping Bag that is too big for your baby as they could slip down inside. Our 3-9-month size Baby Sleep Bag is suitable from 6.25 Kg (13lbs) It will last until your baby is around 9 months old and may well last longer. The 9-18-month size is suitable from when your baby is 9kg (20lb) and will last until your baby is 18 months old or possibly a little longer.
Your Purflo Baby Sleep Bag can be machine washed at 40°C. They can be hung out to dry or tumble dried on a low setting. As with all cotton goods, we must allow for up to 5% shrinkage. If your child has any allergies and you wish to wash your Baby Sleep Bag at 60°C, you should allow for a little more shrinkage. When washing, we recommend turning your Baby Sleep Bag inside out and zipping up to avoid any damage. You can iron your Baby Sleep Bag on a low heat if you like, but always keep the iron away from the zip or cover the zip with a cloth.
Baby Sleep Bags are designed to replace the need for loose sheets and blankets. The only other bedding required is a bottom sheet that is ideally fitted. As the Purflo Baby Sleep bags have removable sleeves – it is not necessary to buy extra warm versions for winter, you simply adjust babies clothing. Similarly, as the temperature warms up, the sleeves can be removed, and the clothing adjusted so the same bag can be used up to 22°C. Important: never use your Purflo Baby Sleep Bag with a duvet or quilt.
The primary purpose of the Baby Sleep Bag is to use in a cot; however, the travel feature enables you to use whilst transitioning. It is a helpful feature for early morning nursery runs, daytime naps or for car journeys later at night. When using in a car seat, as with all babies clothing, ensure the harness has not become loose. We strongly recommend that parents/carers check the harness tension with every use in line with the car seat manufacturers guidelines. Please also be aware of the temperature in the car whilst travelling. The ‘what to wear’ guide and ‘room temperature’ is the best guide.
Purflo were the first brand to design Baby Sleep Bags with removable sleeves, and this is a feature that is design protected. Over the years, the product has been adapted and improved as new technology has been made available. Today the Purflo Baby Sleep Bag is filled with an environmentally friendly filling which is 100% breathable and hypoallergenic. The mesh vents around the back of the neck and under the arm improves ventilation and helps to keep baby comfortable.
Yes, for nap times and supervised sleep your Baby Sleep Bag replaces loose sheets and blankets. However, nests and traditional pods are not recommended for overnight or unsupervised sleep. Only the Purflo Sleep Tight Bed –an alternative to traditional nest can be used overnight until baby can sit up unaided.


The Purflo breathable sleep bag is machine washable on a gentle 40 degree cycle and can be tumbled dried on a low heat.

We recommend washing your sleep bag before its first use and always wash it inside out to protect the product.

This product is not suitable for dry cleaning.