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Behind The Design: The Purflo PurAir Breathable Crib

purflo PurAir Breathable Crib - behind the design

When the Purflo product designers were given the task of creating a new crib, they turned to parents to find out what they needed to design.
There are many great furniture options for new babies, from the traditional wicker Moses basket to modern versions made of plastic. Bedside sleepers and cribs with fabric sides are popular to enable visibility and fit into a small space, and traditional cots never go out of style. So how do you create something new, that isn’t just a copy of something else, and which is genuinely useful and beneficial to families? In order to answer that Purflo’s team stopped asking ‘what’ and started thinking about ‘why’.

Keen to understand what current day parents need, how they use their bedroom space, how they put their baby to bed and what their concerns and issues are around that process, we surveyed hundreds of UK parents throughout 2020 and 2021. Through this research, we learned that the most important factor to parents when considering their baby’s sleep space is breathability.

purflo breathability research

Parents are keen to ensure that whilst they and their baby sleep, nothing will obstruct the babies nose and mouth to hinder their breathing. This makes sense as young babies do not have enough strength and neck control to move their heavy heads if their face becomes pressed against something, so it’s important that any soft surfaces they may lean against while unsupervised overnight are breathable.

With this in mind, the Purflo designers put their 25 years of experience in breathable technology for babies to use, creating a crib that is both robust and airy.
The PurAir Crib is made of technologically advanced materials designed to allow a baby to breathe through them, whilst being robust enough to withstand everyday family life. The PurAir mesh is also sheer enough for parents to maintain clear visibility of their baby, and for babies to look out and make eye contact with their mum and dad.

The Safer Sleep Guidelines state that babies should sleep on a firm, flat mattress. This is because anything too soft could allow their face to depress the surface and sink into the cushioning, blocking air from reaching their nose and mouth. So, the PurAir Breathable Crib has its own mattress which is suitably firm and flat.

Once the design team had identified the need for a breathable crib and selected the right materials for the crib and mattress, it was time to figure out what it would look like. As many modern houses are built with smaller bedrooms many families struggle to fit a full-size cot in the parents’ bedroom. Parents have told us that they are looking for a compact solution that allows them to keep baby sleeping in the same room as them for the first six months, but is convenient and practical. Nobody wants to trip over a cot leg in the middle of the night! The product designers worked on a design that offers a generous sleep surface area for the baby but has a small footprint in the room. The PurAir Crib fits neatly next to an adult bed and even has a large storage basket underneath to keep all those middle of the night essentials within arms reach.

Now that the designers had a good idea of the technical innovation and shape of the crib, they went back to the consumer data to see what else was on parents’ wishlists. The feedback showed that although traditional cots and cribs remain popular, parents want more flexibility to suit their busy lifestyles, so the PurAir Crib has a detachable top so that you can carry it through to the living room, garden or to a friend’s house and then put baby to sleep in it wherever you are.

The PurAir Crib is the next generation sleep space – like a Moses basket or baby cots but breathable, and like a crib but moveable.


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