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Lullaby CD created by Jo Tantum, Global and Classic FM

Lullaby CD

In honour of the last day of the proms, our resident baby sleep expert, Jo Tantum, has shared experience of creating a lullaby CD with Global and Classic FM and the science behind the CD.

“In 2018 I was asked to work with Global and Classic FM on a lullaby CD that really helped babies to sleep. It was a really wonderful experience especially as I was pregnant with my baby girl Constance and I had to spend hours listening to classical music to work out which songs we would use and parts in the song where we needed to change the instrument. I went to the famous Angel Studios in London to listen to it being recorded with the Royal London Philharmonic Orchestra. It was a very special and emotional day!

Classical music has been soothing our souls for many years so it comes as no surprise that babies also find it soothing. The gentle melodies and rhythms mean babies tune into the music and it helps calm them and often sends them to sleep.

The rhythm of the double bass resembles your heartbeat that baby heard in utero. The other instruments create the gentle melody of the amniotic fluid and digestive system whooshing around. These natural sounds make your baby feel secure and reminds them of the safest and most secure place they have been – your womb.

Playing these sounds when you are pregnant and relaxing can strengthen the bond when your baby is born. You will find if you play certain tracks when your baby is upset they will recognise it and it will comfort them. Playing these songs to babies can calm both them and you before bedtime. Having quiet time to listen and connect to the music means that the evenings become less stressful and your baby less agitated. Often, babies will fall asleep much more easily for naps and nights when listening to a familiar soothing sound.

It’s so lovely when you sing to your baby and they often respond to your voice. Having music as part of your baby’s routine is very beneficial for them. I suggest you use it before each nap time to help calm and soothe them. It is also helps with the witching hour when your baby can be grizzly from being overtired and overstimulated.

Just play the album and sway along to the music with your baby, you will soon find they are calming down and enjoying the rhythms of the music.

The reason that this album works to help babies settle and sleep better as there are no loud or sudden noises. Instruments like the piano can confuse them as this is often used for their toys they play with in the daytime, so of course won’t aid sleep. Loud instruments like drums or cymbals again won’t help calming them. There are no crescendos to wake or upset them in the music. The reason these have been taken out is babies are born with two fears – the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.

The idea that classic music can help babies is nothing new, but in recent decades, a great deal of evidence supporting the notion has been accumulated. Intriguingly, there is now quite a bit of data that indicates classic tunes can enhance a baby’s physical development and health in addition to intelligence.”

To celebrate the last day of the proms 2020 we are doing a giveaway of Jo’s popular Lullaby CD over on our instagram! To find out more checkout our page @purflosleep

To read more about Jo and Classic FM’s collaboration visit:



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