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Cosy Wrap Travel Blanket – Scandi Spot

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Our all new Cosy Wrap Travel Blanket is the new must have travel accessory that’s fully breathable to keep babies comfortable and cosy on the go. Providing a safe alternative to bulky winter jackets and snow suits, we have created the perfect solution to keep baby safe.


Smarter way to travel

Our Cosy Wrap Travel Blanket fits all brands and models of car seats, pushchairs and strollers with 3- and 5-point harness making it universal and versatile without affecting the safety and performance of the harness.

Babies are not recommended to be dressed in bulky winter clothing such as winter coats and snow suits when travelling in car seats and pushchairs due the making the safety harnesses less effective. Our Cosy Wrap Travel Blanket provides a safe alternative by wrapping over the harness therefore eliminating the dangers associated with bulky, padded clothing.

Safe temperature

The Purflo Cosy Wrap Travel Blanket features our unique 3D mesh panel ergonomically located behind the head and on the back area to allow air to circulate. Breathability is a core value of ours and we are dedicated to keeping babies at a safe temperature at home and on the go. The Cosy Wrap also features a beautifully soft hood designed to keep baby extra snuggly when outside in the cold.

Luxuriously lined

Super soft 100% cotton inner is kind to baby’s delicate skin. The fluffy outer fleece layer will keep baby at a cosy and safe temperature making journeys with a tot much smoother.

Keep cosy up to 9 months old

Our Cosy Wrap Travel Blanket has been designed for use in a car seat and pushchair from birth to nine months old. Growing with your baby, the Cosy Wrap features an easy to use four stage press stud fastening system – suitable for tiny baby until 9 months old.


W 95cm x D 87cm


Outer 100% Polyester. Inner 100% Cotton with 100% Polyester Mesh Panel

Washing instructions

Wash at 40°, hang to dry or tumble dry on low heat


Remove the hood when inside or in a car – for outdoor use only.

Ensure your baby’s face is not covered by the blanket.

Check your baby’s temperature and wrap or unwrap depending on the temperature of the environment. Your car temperature can go from freezing to very warm very quickly.

Check that the harness fits snuggly and in line with manufactures instructions.

Stop using at first signs of damage.



Is the Cosy Wrap Travel Blanket safe to use in car seats?

No one likes to think about what could happen to their child in a car crash, so we have taken the worry away with the Purflo Cosy Wrap.  The clever design was developed as an accessory to car seats and buggies, and gives warmth without interfering with the performance of a car seat in any way.  The 3mm thick teachnical fabric is warm and soft, but not padded - so it does not prevent you from tightening the car seat straps around the baby. It also has breathable panels to prevent overheating.  The car seat harness passes through the Cosy Wrap, and can be tightly fastened, just as the car seat manufacturers intended. You can then lay the cosy wrap loosely over the top to keep baby warm, but quickly reach into the middle to access the buckle should you need to. Your car seat has been rigorously tested for crash situations, don't stop it from doing what it should by using padded pramsuits or jackets, or by obstructing the quick release buckle. The Cosy Wrap from Purflo keeps your baby warm, and lets the car seat keep your baby safe. 
Yes. The design of the Cosy Wrap Travel Blanket is universal so that the harness of any 0-9 month/ 10kg car seat that has been tested to ECE R129 and ECE R44 will work with the product.
The Cosy Wrap Travel Blanket can be used in any pushchair or stroller with a 3- or 5-point harness. 
The problem with winter jackets is they are often very bulky and loose. When baby is wearing a jacket in a car seat, the bulk of jacket creates a gap between your child and their safety harness. In a collision, the harness is not as close to your child’s body as it needs to be to allow it to properly restrain them. The Cosy Wrap Blanket works around the harness not affecting the fit or performance. Baby sits in their seat as normal with the harness secured and the blanket wraps around them.
Yes. The product can be wrapped around a child and then placed into the pram. 
The Cosy Wrap Travel Blanket is designed to be used in a car seat, pram or pushchair for short periods of travel. The hood should be removed from the babies’ head when coming indoors or inside the car where the temperature is warmer. If baby is sleeping and you do not wish to disturb them, simply remove the hood and unwrap the Cosy Wrap Travel Blanket so they are just in their indoor clothing. We recommend that the Cosy Wrap Travel Blanket is adjusted inside your car. If you are travelling without the need for a jacket, then the blanket should be unwrapped. If the car temperature requires you to wear a jacket, then the blanket can be used. Please always remember how quickly the car temperature can change and adjustments to clothing should be made accordingly. Young babies should be checked regularly when travelling in an infant car seat.
No, the product is not recommended for overnight use or instead of baby sleep bag as the child may slip down under the covers.
The blanket replaces winter jackets so baby should be dressed under the blanket in the same way you might dress them with a normal winter coat. The fold design allows you to use just the feet pocket, one wrap or two.
The Cosy Wrap Travel Blanket is not a baby sleep bag and has not been tog tested. It's warmth is similar to that of a normal winter jacket.
The Cosy Wrap Travel Blanket can be machine washed at 40 degrees and tumble dried on a low heat.