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Breathable Cot Bumpers


Soft White, Cloud Grey, Misty Blue, Scandi Spot


Purflo Breathable Cot Bumpers are a safe alternative to traditional cot bumpers so that baby can sleep safe and sound and you can rest assured, whether it is a daytime nap or all the way through the night.

Key Features

  • Suitable for your little one from birth onwards
  • Fully breathable inner core allows maximum airflow
  • Reduces the risk of your baby overheating
  • Fits cots and cot beds up to 140 x 70cm
  • Product not intended for babies who can sit up unaided.


Machine washable
Machine washable


Velcro Fixing
Velcro fixings


Our cot bumpers provide a soft padding to prevent babies banging into the often-hard side walls of a cot and cot bed or getting their arms and legs caught in the side bars. The Purflo Breathable Cot Bumper provides the same soft protection, but thanks to its innovative fabric it is also fully breathable, and helps to maintain air flow and temperature regulation. All the benefits of a traditional cot bumper but with the added Purflo peace of mind.

The Purflo Breathable Cot Bumper is made using a ‘spacer’ inner core; this is a 3D mesh fabric which ensures constant air flow and temperature regulation. This structure ensures complete breathability.

The style of the Purflo Breathable Cot Bumper allows it to fit to most cots and cot beds and is super quick and easy to fit using a simple Velcro wrap fastening, reducing the risks that are associated with traditional tie fixings. It comes in two pieces to fit both a cot and cot bed, allowing you to adapt the product to your child’s sleeping space.

The use of 3D mesh fabric and Velcro fixings mean that if a little one tried to stand on it to use like a stepping stool, the product would simply collapse and would quickly reshape when the pressure is taken away.


Certified fully air-permeable ensuring no risk of suffocation

Temperature regulation
Allows airflow and circulation to aid in keeping baby at a safe temperature

Safe attachment
Velcro fixings reduce the danger associated with traditional tie fixings

Designed to collapse under weight to stop baby from being able to use as an aid to climb out of cot

The Breathable Cot Bumper is available in 3 contemporary designs: –

Soft White, Cloud Grey, Misty Blue, Scandi Spot



L 167 x W 0.3 x H 30cm




100% polyester


Machine washable 40°C on a gentle wash

Pack contains 2 x cot bumpers