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DIY Craft ideas for Baby’s 1st Christmas

DIY Craft ideas for Baby's 1st Christmas

Baby’s first Christmas is such an exciting time and there will be lots you want to do…first trip to see Father Christmas, maybe a Christmas photoshoot, dressing up in cute Christmas outfits and making sure to visit all your nearest and dearest. On the quieter days we have come up with some DIY crafts that we think are adorable…take a look…

Handprint Crafts

Little tiny handprints make such lovely decorations and a wonderful keepsake. Start by making a clay/dough (recipe here: https://pin.it/azpqrheohe4rah) then get creative! These can be made into paperweights or hung with a ribbon on the Christmas tree.

DIY Craft ideas for Baby's 1st Christmas

Personalised Christmas Cards

One of our mums here has had some fun making Christmas cards with her little  one for close family and friends. Simple but stunning…

DIY Craft ideas for Baby's 1st Christmas

Treat Plate for Father Christmas

These are so effective and will end up being something you get out every year. Personalise it with names or whatever you like!

  • Grab a plain plate.
  • Sketch your design in pencil
  • Trace over the top with a Sharpie
  • Then pop in the oven for 30 mins at 180 degrees

DIY Craft ideas for Baby's 1st Christmas


We would LOVE to see you creations so please post them on our Facebook page.


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