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How do I stop the hour change disturbing my baby’s sleep?

October sees the seasons change to Autumn which brings to mind gloriously blustery days, conkers, collecting acorns, the trees turning shades of crimson and gold…and of course the dreaded hour change.

Whilst childless people will rejoice and relish the idea of an extra hour in bed (grrrrr), those with little ones who already wake early will inwardly groan (and sometimes outwardly) at the thought of the clocks going back an hour. The thought of a 6am wake-up turning magically overnight in to a 5am wake-up is soul destroying.

                                                   **Don’t Panic**

We have put together a few tips which will help your bundle of joy adjust to the time change and minimise the disruption that pesky hour change causes.

N.B. For the benefit of these tips we have assumed a normal night as 7pm bedtime and 7am wake up. (Although we know all too well that this will vary massively-no two babies are the same after all!)

  1. Firstly we recommend starting these changes 6 days before the clocks go back
  2. Put your baby to sleep 10 minutes later than their normal bedtime each night until Saturday.
  3. Don’t forget nap times too- put them down 10 minutes later for each nap, each day. Ideally meal times should be later too.
  4. Wake them up by 7am each day. (Stop laughing-some peoples babies do sleep after 7am…so we hear anyway!!)
  5. On Saturday have an energetic day with lots of fresh air, tummy time and stimulation. Make sure to keep naps to a normal length-don’t let them sleep longer than is usual if you can.
  6. With the slow introduction of the above, by Saturday your bubba should be happy to stay awake an hour past their previous bedtime.
  7. Sort out a tag team system for in the morning in case your little angel still decides to wake early. At least that way you will both get enough sleep-albeit in shifts.
  8. If your baby stirs at their ‘usual’ wake up time, give it a minute or two, you might find they drift back off to sleep on their own.

*Depending on the age of your child a trainer clock can help as this will visually represent whether it is time to wake up or stay asleep for little ones who can’t yet tell the time.

Shop ours here – Sleep Training Clock

  1. If it works like a dream (fingers crossed) and baby sleeps in don’t be tempted to let them sleep past the new 7am as this will just cause you issues later on that evening
  2. On Sunday , you should be able to put them down at the new time 7pm ( or your baby’s usual bedtime).

                                                          **Stay Strong**

Now is not the time to encourage new habits like feeding your baby back to sleep if previously they didn’t need a night feed. Short term gain might spell long term pain.                                                       Good Luck 


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