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How To Make The Transition From Sleep Tight Bed To Mattress

how to transition from baby bed to mattress


The Sleep Tight Bed is our award-winning bed designed especially for babies to sleep in for naps and nighttime. It’s a very popular product for baby sleep, but we often get asked what to do when it’s time to stop using it. Here’s our advice…

Why use the Purflo Sleep Tight Bed?
Since the Sleep Tight Bed was launched it has become a must-have product, winning awards and topping ‘best baby product’ lists. Here are the reasons why:
– The doughnut shape creates a smaller enclosed area for baby to sleep in, relative to their size. Parents report that this soothes babies and they settle better than when placed in a large open cot.
– It was designed as an alternative to other nest-shaped products on the market, which are not safe for unsupervised overnight sleep. Unlike the others, it isn’t simply an oval pillow. The sides are made of firm Dupont Sorona which maintains its structure meaning that baby can’t press their face into or roll over it. It is also made of fully breathable materials and has an inbuilt firm, flat mattress.
– It can easily be moved around and carried from place to place, to create a familiar and safe sleeping environment wherever you go.

When to stop using the Sleep Tight Bed
Stop using the Sleep Tight Bed when your baby outgrows it, or if they can sit, kneel or pull themselves up and start the transition to baby cots

How to transition to a cot
Many parents feel worried about taking the Sleep Tight Bed out of the bedtime routine, after all, they have relied on it for their baby’s comfort and good sleep for months!
Firstly, please don’t worry. Babies’ sleep constantly evolves, and something that was an absolute necessity when they were newborn may not be so important later down the line. Despite their concerns, many parents find that once their baby is getting too big for the Sleep Tight Bed they transition easily into a larger cot, happy to stretch out in the bigger space. What seemed a daunting massive space when they were fresh out of the womb is now a place to test out their new kicking and wriggling skills, practice rolling and discover their hands and feet.

If your baby is struggling a bit with the change, you could try reducing their time in the Sleep Tight Bed little by little, keeping it for nighttime initially but putting them down for naps without it so they get used to settling in the cot.
Keep other aspects of the sleep time routine consistent so that they get lots of sleepy cues – use their familiar baby sleep bag for each sleep, continue using a lullaby or white noise machine such as the Dream Cloud and keep to the same schedule with a breathable baby cot mattress, at least for the first few weeks.

Remember that throughout the first year baby sleep habits naturally change many times. They are learning how to sleep, how to join up sleep phases, that you still exist when they can’t see you, what the noises around them are, that day is different to night and a million other things. But as they get older they will surprise you with how well they adapt, how well they sleep, and how little they rely on comfort items which were vital to getting them to sleep in the first few months.


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