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How to pick the perfect gift for a new baby with My 1st Years

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Looking for a gift for a new baby is one of the best things about your friend or family member

having a new arrival. Scrolling through teeny tiny shoes, the sweetest soft toys and traditional keepsakes that remind you of days gone by is one of the greatest pleasures. All of this joy on top of this knowing that soon there will be a baby in your life that you’ll get to cuddle, play with and help mould is a fulfilling and heartwarming thought. Here at My 1st Years we are passionate about celebrating milestones with gifts that are as unique as the baby they’re bought for. All of our gifts come personalised for no extra cost making them extra special to receive. Keep reading for our simple tips for finding the best gift for a new baby as well as our favourite gifts available onsite now.

5 tips on finding the perfect new baby gift

  1. Consider the parents’ style – While you may fall in love with a beautiful brightly coloured blanket or character covered bodysuit, if the Mum and Dad are hoping to dress their little one in neutral tones or decorate the nursery monochrome, your gift may not be cherished. A gift for a newborn is as much for the parents as it is for the baby so put some thought into what Mum and Dad like, ask them questions about the items they’re already buying and put your own opinions to one side.My first years blog
  2. Check with others – If you know many of the family and friends of the new parent make sure you ask around to see what people are planning to buy/ already bought. This will help stop duplicate gifts and ensure that the parents get what they really want! You may also find a few people who you can club together with to buy an even better or more expensive present for the new parents. However, if you don’t know the friends and family well enough to drop a text we recommend a personalised present, as it’s always a unique find!
  3. Find something practical – Yes we know that practical is often boring but a gift that Mum and Dad use a lot will be appreciated more than that party dress that the baby grew out of before attending a wedding. We’re not saying you have to buy a jumbo pack of nappies (although it’s not a bad idea) but things like hooded towels, sleep bags or even a Purflo Sleep Tight Baby Bed are gorgeous little gifts that come in handy for their 1st years.My first years blog
  4. Think about the future – The excitement of buying teeny tiny sleepsuits and adorable blankets often means that parents are gifted more newborn items than they know what to do with, and quickly little one has grown out of this stage. We think special toys for when they’re a little bigger, clothing in the next size up or accessories for the bedroom make really special gifts that will get enjoyed a little while later!My first years blog
  5. Make it personal – Every baby is unique and so should your gift be, so we, of course, recommend buying a personalised present. Personalised gifts become keepsakes to treasure, and Mum & Dad will love seeing the confirmation that you love the name they have chosen. At My 1st Years we have personalised gifts ranging from blankets, toys, backpacks, nursery accessories, dressing gowns and so much more!

My first years blog

Our favourite gifts for a new baby

  1. Consider the parents’ style – Our first tip was to consider the parents’ style, but if you want to play it safe we have tonnes of white, grey and simple pieces that parents always love! Like this Cream Knitted Blanket. Made from a 100% bamboo cotton blend this blanket is sumptuously soft on babies skin and offers two lines of personalisation – perfect for adding a date of birth or special message.My first years blog
  2. Check with others – Like we said when you’re checking in with other friends and family you may find a few people want to club together to buy something extra special. For this, we, of course, have to recommend our Purflo Sleep Tight Baby Bed and Swaddle to Sleep Bag Gift Set. The first of its kind, this portable baby bed is suitable for overnight sleep making it a great alternative to sleep nests and babies love to feel safely cocooned in the firm sides. Let’s face it if this set helps Mum and Dad get a few hours sleep, you’ll all be the winner of the ‘best gift ever!’My first years blog
  3. Find something practical – For this, we recommend filling one of our stylish toy chests with nappies, wipes, vests, towels, muslins and comforters for an impressive gift with lots of uses. Our toy chest will become a staple in the baby’s bedroom as they grow to hold an array of toys and books and our towels, muslins and comforters are all personalised to give a special touch to everyday essentials.My first years blog
  4. Think about the future – For this one, we have two options depending on your budget! Firstly our classic personalised robes, one of our best-selling gifts for new babies our smallest size is 0-6 months giving it a roomy fit for little ones to grow and snuggle in for at least half a year! However, if you’re looking for a really exciting gift that they’ll adore in their toddler years then our ride-on toys are a must-have! With classic designs and personalised with a name they’ll look great in a nursery until they’re big enough to play with it.My first years blog
  5. Make it personal – All of our gift selections are personalised because we believe you want to buy a gift as unique as they are, and it’s kind of our thing! But our final favourite gifts are traditional keepsakes like our personalised money boxes. We have a range of styles from classic silver ones to our best-selling elephant design, an affordable gift they’ll love for a lifetime.My first years blog

If you’re looking for the best gifts for babies and children then the gifting experts at My 1st Years have a beautiful selection, perfect for children up to 5 years old!

With Love,

My 1st years x


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