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Lisa Joyce Intro

Meet Our Safe Sleep Product Expert

Lisa has a wealth of baby product design experience and has been working in the baby product sector for over 20 years for some of the worlds leading brands from New York to Sydney. Lisa heads up design, development and brand at Purflo.

She is passionate about safe sleep and considered one of the UK’s industry leading designers and developers in this field. She has contributed to magazines, events and regularly writes for other brands blogs and safe sleep articles.

Lisa was the Design Director at the Gro Company in which time she worked closely with the Lullaby Trust. She has also sat on both British and European Safety steering committees and is passionate about baby safety and sleep.

‘ I started my career as a textile designer and quickly moved into product. I wanted to create beautiful things that had functionality and real purpose. In the baby product market, safety is at the forefront of everything we do, but there’s an assumption safety is a given in all baby products  – sadly, it isn’t.  Most products, thankfully, have a safety standard or a code of practice to follow. With some newer products, this isn’t the case. In this scenario, you have to ensure that you have considered every eventuality and every possible risk to the baby and to siblings before launch’.

At Purflo we risk assess our products and check them rigorously against general product safety.  We then have them independently assessed and tested. We are constantly working on new ideas, making life easier and creating safe sleep environments for babies that parents can trust.

Jo Tantum Bio

Meet Our Safe Sleep Expert

Meet Jo Tantum, Purflo’s resistant sleep expert! Paediatric Sleep Consultant Jo Tantum, a previous Purflo customer herself and Mum of 1, has been working with babies and parents across the globe for more than 30 years. Jo was a key speaker at ‘The Baby Show’ for 7 years and a Sleep Expert for Prima Baby Magazine for 8 years. She has also appeared on GMTV, Richard and Judy, ITN news and was the resident Sleep Expert on Live With Gabby.

Jo is a well-respected expert in the industry and has written for many parenting magazines such as Mother & Baby, Boots Parenting and Baby London, she is a Sleep Expert for Bbaby magazine and Annabel Karmel online. And has worked for companies like Pampers and John Lewis.

‘After having my daughter last year, safe sleeping was at the forefront of my mind, especially as she was in NICU for two weeks. I purchased the Purflo baby nest as she had always slept in a nest in hospital as she was so tiny. I felt it was the safest on the market as it was breathable.

I love that they really care about the products they sell, making sure they have researched and tested to the highest standards. When you are a parent that is the most important thing- keeping your baby safe.

I’m looking forward to helping all the parents out their get more sleep and help teach their babies to love sleep without distress. ‘

Jo is filming a series of videos over the coming weeks to help parent navigate their way through the current situation.  She will also be adding question and answer sessions as well as Facebook Live events to this page. The expert Hub here on the Purflo website will grow and become a go to resource for expectant and new parents looks for sounds proven safe sleep tips. If you have any questions for Jo, please drop us a line!