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New Year, New Baby on the Way?

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We all make New Year’s resolutions about getting fitter, leaner and healthier.   But what if you’re pregnant?  Should you forget about exercise and enjoy nine months of eating for two?

Alex McCabe, co-founder of FittaMamma (who is currently pregnant herself with her second baby) says,  ‘Staying active during pregnancy has so many benefits for both mother and baby. Exercise really helped with my first pregnancy and whilst I’ve found it more challenging to find time with a lively toddler as well as a business I strongly believe it’s worth looking after yourself – especially during the current pandemic.  Medical experts recommend 30 minutes exercise on at least five days a week – it’s so important to find time to keep fit.’

Here are FittaMamma’s top reasons, hints and tips for staying active during pregnancy:

  • Pregnancy is a good time to make healthy lifestyle choices – it’s not just about keeping yourself fit and healthy, it’s about being fit for your baby too.
  • Exercise helps with all sorts of pregnancy niggles such as tiredness, varicose veins, lower back pain, heartburn or swollen ankles.
  • It’s easy to pile on the pounds when you’re pregnant – but not so easy to shift them afterwards. Exercise helps you maintain a healthy weight gain, keeping your body toned as your bump gets bigger.
  • Keeping active and raising your heartbeat releases those ‘feel good’ endorphins, lifting your mood and alleviating stress.
  • Whilst COVID-19 is likely to have put you off joining a gym you can still work out at home. Check out active-pregnancy.com for workouts especially for pregnant women.
  • Giving birth is physically demanding. Improving your fitness during pregnancy will help you cope. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t run a marathon without training for it first!
  • Exercise helps work off excess energy, making for more restful sleep at night.

And finally, however and wherever you choose to stay fit, it’s worth wearing activewear that looks good and provides support where you need it.  FittaMamma fitness wear has been independently tested and proven to support your baby bump when you exercise.

(pictured Fittamamma founder Alex and her baby boy Ben)


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