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Sleep Tight Baby Bed – Scandi Spot

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Key features

  • Safe for unsupervised, overnight sleeping
  • Firm, flat, breathable sleeping surface with soft, solid sides
  • Designed for use from birth to 8 months old
  • Free working day delivery for UK Mainland


Fully breathable base & sides

0 to 8 months
Suitable from 0-8 months

Dupont Sorona
Sustainably sourced filling

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“Quite frankly, it’s a game changer” – The Independent, 2021. The Sleep Tight Baby Bed is our latest innovation, the first of it’s kind to be safe for independent, overnight sleep. Exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Available in 7 gorgeous designs, it was awarded an Indy Best Buy in February 2021 for the Best Baby Nest. Although we’ll let you into a secret there’s no other nest quite like it! ”

  • The very first baby bed of it’s kind to be safe for independent, overnight sleep.
  • Tested to all relevant British Safety Standards and passed or exceeded them, giving you peace of mind we take safety seriously.
  • Fully breathable mesh base and sides allowing air to safely circulate, so baby can breathe easily and stay at a safe temperature all night.
  • Easy Peasy Cleaning – it’s fully washable, portable, and comes with a handy travel bag, making travelling a doddle!

Product Description
The Sleep Tight Baby Bed has a fully breathable mesh base and sides that allow air to safely circulate allowing your little one to breathe easily all night. We know that overheating is a real worry for parents, we made sure that allowing air to circulate around your little snoozer to help them regulate their temperature was top of our priority list when we designed The Sleep Tight Bed.

The sides of the Baby Bed have a little bit of squidge but are mostly firm, made from materials that are proven to not flatten, night after night. Traditionally, nests have been designed with cushioned sides, that can cause suffocation, that’s why we’ve included structured sides as your little one won’t be able to cover their face or head fully with this product, so you can sleep easily knowing your baby is safe.

The Sleep Tight Baby Bed is made with the sustainably sourced fibre, Dupont™ Sorona®. Sorona is Oeko-Tex® 100 Class 1 Certified and is made from 37% plant based ingredients making it kinder to the environment and softer on skin. We found a glue that is non-toxic, safe for babies and the environment and that withstands daily use, is totally safe and awesome for the environment. If you take off the covers of your Sleep Tight Bed you might see a little of this glue in the inner construction – as it doesn’t contain bleach and harmful chemicals it is a natural sand colour.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do that’s why with the safer sleep guidelines in mind, the Sleep Tight Baby Bed has been designed with a firm, flat mattress suitable for use straight from birth. There’s no need to worry about leaks and accidents as the bed is fully washable making sure little one is always in a clean and safe sleeping environment. You can also buy spare covers for quick and easy night time changes. The bed also comes complete with a handy travel bag for use on the go so that you can support your baby’s sleep routine wherever you go! Easy Peasy!

For more safety information please see other tabs including Safety testing, specifications and FAQ’s.

Purflo Sleep Tight Baby Bed

In Detail: The Sleep Tight Baby Bed

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What makes the Sleep Tight Baby Bed safe for overnight sleep?

The Purflo Sleep Tight Bed can be used overnight unsupervised as the materials and construction have been engineered to comply with other relevant overnight sleeping products for babies.  The product, whilst using a traditional ‘nest’ shape, uses entirely different materials and has a unique, designed registered construction.   The side walls of the product are made from a sustainable material which is more structured and solid than traditional nests specifically to address concerns of the suffocation and over heating when a baby is unattended. Additionally, the product bed has been designed using safe sleep guidelines including a firm flat, waterproof base (please keep the base inserted during use).
The Sleep Tight Baby Bed design was created using the most up to date and relevant safe sleep guidelines. As with any new Purflo baby product, advice was sought from two independent UKAS accredited test houses to determine the most appropriate testing. The product has undergone a comprehensive risk assessment and extensive, exhaustive safety testing relevant to marketing it as suitable for overnight use. Specific British and European safety standard testing includes breathability, flammability, and unlike many of the nests and positioners in the market, due to its unique structure, our baby bed also passes rigidity, retention of side walls and roll tests.
The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is the sole national accreditation body recognised by the British government to assess the competence of organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services.
Nests are not recommended for unsupervised use due to their soft pillowy structure which can present risks of suffocation and overheating. 
The Sleep Tight Bed is not a nest or sleep positioner, it is an alternative to a traditional mattress and a complete sleep space. It has a firm, flat mattress with a rigid base, and soft-touch sides made of firm, breathable foam. Like a moses basket, it gives baby a smaller, cosier space to sleep in, but is made of technologically advanced materials that eliminate the risks posed by pillowy nests. 
The Sleep Tight Baby bed is designed to create a safe, reduced sleeping area for baby which can help baby feel secure and settled. 
The Sleep Tight Bed is a fully enclosed bed. Bumpers are typically fabric panels designed to be attached to the inside of a crib and/or cot to prevent babies from bumping into the often wooden or hard surface.
The product has been designed for use up until 8 months old. Like all Cribs and Moses baskets, the product should NOT be used overnight or unsupervised when a child can sit unaided. 
The Sleep Tight Baby Bed can be used unsupervised in most bedside cribs and cots until baby can sit up unaided. Once your little one can sit up unaided, supervision whilst using the baby bed is required. The Sleep Tight Baby Bed does not fit into Moses baskets/ bassinets.
No, we do not recommend you use the Sleep Tight Bed in a moses basket or crib with a mattress size less than 49 x 92cm. However the purpose of the Sleep Tight Bed is to provide baby with a secure, smaller sleep space, so you could use it in a crib or cot larger than this from day one when your baby is newborn. 


We recommend cribs which comply with the safety standard BS EN 1130- 2019, and with a minimum mattress size of 49 x 92cm. 

The Sleep Tight Bed should not be used in a product smaller than this size.

The Sleep Tight Bed has been designed to meet safe sleep guidelines and as such has a firm flat base.  The base is removable for easy washing, but the mattress is a lightly padded 3d mesh. This lightly cushioning provides a comfortable space but also ensures the baby does not sink its head or face into the surface. This is a key safety aspect of the products design.

All baby mattresses are firm and thinner than adult mattress and some parents worry that that makes them uncomfortable for their baby. Babies do not need a thick deep mattresses due to their size and weight which it is evenly dispersed over the  sleeping surface.  It is important the inner base is not removed during in use.

Safety testing

Is the Sleep Tight Baby Bed safe for overnight sleep?

The Sleep Tight Baby Bed was designed as a safe place for babies to sleep overnight and during naps, and has undergone extensive product safety testing with this in mind. As with any new Purflo baby product, advice was sought from two independent UKAS accredited test houses to determine the most appropriate testing. As with all new to market innovations there is no one safety standard which fits the Sleep Tight Bed, so it has been tested to relevant aspects of existing safety standards for similar sleep products. Our technical experts worked with independent UK-based laboratories to put the Sleep Tight Bed through a comprehensive risk assessment for everyday use and overnight sleep and exhaustive safety testing.

● BS4578:1970 – Airflow safety test – PASS due to the clever foam inside the side walls

● BS5852 – Flammability and chemical test – PASS due to the materials used which have naturally low flammability and are safe for sensitive baby skin.

● BSEN 1466 – Tested to relevant parts of the carrycot standard that enable its safe use overnight including:

Rigidity of side walls – PASS due to structured side walls preventing suffocation hazard and overheating

Retention of side walls/ roll test – PASS conclusive that infant will remain safely inside the product and could not roll out

Note: There are aspects of the carrycot standard, such as handles, which are not relevant to this product, so have not been tested.

The product has undergone a comprehensive risk assessment and extensive, exhaustive safety testing relevant to marketing it as suitable for overnight use. There are no other existing safety tests relevant to a product of this type that we can put it through, or we already would have!


User Care


WARNING: Do not use for overnight and/or unsupervised use once a child can sit or kneel or pull itself up.

WARNING: Place the product on a firm entirely flat and stable surface. The baby bed should never be used on counter-tops, tables, near steps or on an elevated surface

WARNING: Do not let other children play unattended nearby and ensure the pocket that holds the base is free from objects and lies completely flat

WARNING: Ensure your baby does not overheat – check the temperature of your baby and the room and ensure that your baby is dressed appropriately

WARNING: Keep pillows and other soft objects such as stuffed toys out of the infants sleeping/resting environment

WARNING: Stop using the bed when your baby has outgrown the product

WARNING: CARELESSNESS CAUSES FIRE Be aware of the risk of open fire and other sources of strong heat

WARNING: Do not use in a bed smaller than L92cm x W49cm such as a moses basket or small crib

WARNING: Do not use in a Crib or Bassinet if your baby is over 8kg.

All covers and fillings have been tested to ensure compliance with the relevant ignitability tests


DuPont™ and Sorona® are trademarks of DuPont used under license.

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