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The story behind the Purflo Breathable Nest

Purflo Baby Nest

Purflo is made up mostly of working parents, so we know all too well the trials, triumphs and tribulations that go hand in hand with this marvellous adventure we call having kids.

We meet regularly to discuss new products and generally start the process off by drawing on our own experiences as parents. As a group the one thing we remembered all too well was the lack of sleep in the newborn stage and felt passionate about designing a product that helped parents get that little bit more sleep.


So the search…or should I say research…began.


In our research we were fascinated to come across an article that discussed a practice used by nurses in premature baby units, where they would roll up a towel and bend it round so baby felt more cocooned in the cots. After so many months of being held so tightly inside the womb being out in the big world can be unsettling for little babies born too soon. This method seemed to calm them and gave them the feeling of still being where they should be, in mummy’s tummy.

**Lightbulb moment**

As parents we recounted stories of how our babies would only sleep in our arms or on our chests and how a product that mimicked the womb or a parents arms would definitely make those early days easier. The concept of the nest was born!

We knew that first and foremost our baby nests (or cocoon as it was first known) had to fit our core principles of being breathable, being hypoallergenic and being beautiful. We pride ourselves on the Purflo hallmark of beautiful design, exceptional quality and safe sleep, so set about working on making sure our nest was all those things. We investigated the British standard for breathability (BS 4578) and carefully sourced each material to ensure it met with this as well as being machine washable. We chose a breathable and beautifully soft jersey cotton and an air-permeable 3D mesh.

When it came to the filling our search led us to Amicor Pure combined with polyester. Amicor Pure is endorsed by Allergy UK due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal elements: it keeps fibres clean, repels bacteria and dust mites and is fully machine washable. Our process sees Amicor Pure woven in to polyester as the padding is manufactured ensuring an even distribution so that all aspects of the nest are hypo-allergenic.

We tentatively brought the nest to market in two designs and watched it fly!!

We are utterly delighted at the reception our nest received and continues to receive with parents. Since it’s launch we have added 2 more designs to the range with a further 3 due to launch in February this year. Each and every time someone reviews our nest we pass it around the office and sit grinning from ear to ear. We are simply thrilled that a product we put our heart and soul in to is now helping new parents get more sleep: now that is real job satisfaction.

Our wonderful baby nest is avalible to purchase from us direct from our website.


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