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Top tips for cool sleeps & happy feets

Top tips for cool sleeps & happy feets


The recommended temperature for your baby’s room is between 16-20°C.

When the weather heats up, try these easy tech-free tips to safely bring your room temp back down.

  • Pop a bowl of ice in front of a fan directed at a wall (not blowing directly at baby) to circulate cool air around the room.
  • Close curtains while the sun shines on windows in the day.
  • Open windows when the air outside is cooler (morning and evening) but keep them closed when outdoors is hotter (during the day).
  • A nursery thermometer will help you monitor the temperature of baby’s room. Try our Starlight Room Thermometer, it’s portable so you can pop it anywhere (without needing to plug it in).

“Blowing a fan directly onto baby, using cool packs or sponging them down with cool water is not recommended. “

We know it can be tricky keeping baby’s room at the recommended temp in heat waves.

That’s why dressing your little snoozer in the right clothing for the room temp is so important.

What to wear guide

Top Tip!
Save our handy ‘what to wear’ guide to easily check before bedtime.


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