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What Should A Baby Wear To Bed? – A Simple Guide

What should a baby wear


When you become a new parent you suddenly discover a whole world of tiny garments – bodysuits, sleepsuits, onesies, vests, crawlers – what are they all and when do you need them? It can be difficult to figure out, so we’ve put together a simple guide to help you dress your baby for bed.

Firstly, and we can’t say this clearly enough, there is no right or wrong. Every room is different, every baby bed is different, and every baby is different. Just like us adults, some babies hate to be overdressed while others feel the cold easily, so trust your instincts and dress your baby in layers that keep them comfortable. It REALLY doesn’t matter whether that layer is a top and trousers or an all in one sleepsuit – use what you have available that’s clean and suitable for the room temperature. The only thing to bear in mind is that overheating is dangerous for babies, so don’t use a hat while they sleep indoors, and don’t overdress them in lots of layers of clothing and bedding.

We’ve put together this quick reference guide to help you figure out what to dress your baby in for sleep, depending on room temperature and bedding…

Here’s an explanation of what’s what:

New born baby sleeping swaddled in Purflo Swaddle to Sleep Bag Grey

Swaddle Bags
A swaddle is a sleepytime essential for a newborn. Not all babies like to be swaddled, but for those that do it noticeably calms and soothes them, helps them to fall asleep and helps them to stay asleep by preventing their Moro reflex – a startle reflex which wakes babies up, and which they grow out of in the first few months.
Your baby would sleep in clothing and a swaddle with no other bedding.

baby sleeping bag

Baby Sleeping Bags

The next stage on from the swaddle, the baby sleep bag is a complete bedding solution. Worn over clothes and in place of any other bedding the controlled tog rating makes it easy for you to know how to dress your baby to keep them at a safe temperature (use the chart above!) and the shape keeps them cosy and comfortable with no risk of blankets going over their face.

Vest body suit
Usually used as a layer under clothing, a simple sleeveless vest with no legs gives an additional layer of warmth to a baby’s core.

Short or long sleeved vest body suit
Also used as underwear like the vest above, in really hot temperatures a baby might wear this as their only clothing over their nappy – which is super cute when you can see those squidgy legs kicking about!

Sleepsuit with feet
Sleepsuits are generally the core wardrobe of 0-3 month olds. Super comfy, cosy and all in one piece so easy to change when needed. They act as outfits for daytime as well as pyjamas for night time. Layer vest body suits underneath for additional warmth as needed, and pop a cardigan or pram suit over the top when out and about in the daytime. Even after a parent starts dressing their baby in separates such as leggings and a top, many babies and toddlers still wear sleepsuits to bed. There’s nothing cuter than a sleepy one year old in a soft sleepsuit!

If you have a baby on the way and you don’t know what a nappy is, then you need more help than we can give!

If you have any questions at all about what to dress your baby in for sleep, what the togs mean, what temperature your room should be or anything else to do with creating a safe and comfortable sleep environment then get in touch with our experts, we’re very happy to help!


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