Where Sleep Meets Science – Behind the design of Sleep Tight Baby Bed

Sleep Tight Baby Bed in Detail

We know that many parents worry about their babies and sleep and want to make sure that they are making smart choices when it comes to products they use for sleep time. Here at Purflo, we’re all about safety, and it’s at the forefront of everything we do, so in 2018 we set out on a mission to create a safe alternative to nests and pods, that is certified for safe sleep and will help parents get a better nights sleep too.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked in the safe sleep industry for a number of years, and have even been involved in creating some of the safety standards for products like the Baby Sleep Bag. Naturally looking at the existing global safe sleep guidance was the starting point. So we started working on designs incorporating those and re-creating the natural relaxed sleep position that babies have in the womb, that helps them to not only sleep well but feel safe and secure too.

Let’s have a closer look at the key considerations we had:

Firm, flat base

This is one of the Safe Sleep Guidelines spoken about regularly by The Lullaby Trust and is something we felt passionately about including. You’ll see lots of products on the market with cushiony materials and although on first thought you think “oh that’ll be comfy for my baby” it’s not actually what they need. Babies aren’t able to control their temperature very easily and so it’s easier for them to overheat in a cushiony environment as the heat gets trapped. The Sleep Tight Baby Bed has a firm, flat base, which is covered in our signature 3D Breathable mesh to allow air to circulate easily and keep your little one comfortable. The base can feel a bit hard to you and I, but babies really do find it comfortable and can snooze away for hours – in fact 90% of parents who bought The Sleep Tight Bed said it helped their babies sleep.

It’s easy to worry about hard surfaces with your little one, especially with all the bumped heads you’ll experience as they begin to toddle, but as I’ve already mentioned sometimes we can have too much cushioning for our babies. We’ve designed The Sleep Tight Baby Bed with firm sides so that they can’t form around the baby’s nose and mouth, like a softer cushion might because their noses aren’t fully developed and are still a bit squishy. This allows the airways to remain unrestricted and they can breathe freely. We’ve also included some of our signature breathable panels for extra breathability! The firm sides also act as the walls of the womb, helping to make your baby feel safe and snug.

Fully closed end

We’ve designed The Sleep Tight Baby Bed to be a fixed size this is to ensure that your little one can sleep in the ‘feet to foot’ position, which is one of the safe sleep guidelines. By being full enclosed they can’t wriggle down any further and slide underneath a blanket for example. It also takes away the risk of getting tangled in any extendable bits too.

Top notch materials

As well as having your baby’s safety at the front of all we do, we also have quality in mind. We’re always trying to find new innovative materials to give your little one the best quality they deserve! So we went on the search to find a new material that can 1) Retain it’s shape & surface 2) not be too hard should a baby kick it or fling their arms out!

Luckily we sourced a fibre that uses plant extract called Sorona. It has several uses but its most valuable property for us is that it doesn’t break down, degrade or lose its shape. It’s solid but can’t be squidged! If you press The Sleep Tight Bed sides from the inside out, it’ll hardly move, but squish from the top down and it’ll squidge a little – and that’s to stop your little one using it as a handy footstool as they get older!!

It’s all about the testing

In the UK we have British Safety Standards that product designers/manufacturers can follow to ensure their products are the safest on the market. Unfortunately, these standards are optional and they aren’t available for ALL products. In fact, it wasn’t until 2009 that a standard for Baby Sleep Bags was introduced (I was lucky enough to be on the team for this!)

Currently, there isn’t a standard for ‘nest’ like products, but we’re passionate about changing this in the future.

So in order to achieve safety certification Purflo worked with UKAS independent test houses who assessed the product on the basis it would be used for overnight baby sleep.

We worked together to risk assess the design and advised testing which would evaluate the product’s safety for overnight sleep. As there aren’t any other products like The Sleep Tight Bed on the market, they looked at safety standards for products with similar characteristics and with a similar type of use. Following on from the extensive testing, we’re PROUD to have passed all the tests, risk assessments and been certified safe for overnight sleep, so you can rest assured your little one can sleep safely in our Sleep Tight Baby Bed.


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